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Meet Amy Sillman, Research Science Institute Alumnus 1984

Amy Sillman has 9 years of post-graduate experience in the biomedical sciences, including 3 years managing the PBMC Biomarkers group at Exelixis. She managed and guided this group in designing, validating and implementing clinical PD assays using PBMC lysates, fixed blood and fixed bone marrow to assess activity of Exelixis' compounds in 9 phase I oncology clinical trials. Amy also has experience designing, validating and implementing cell-based assays for anti-inflammatory drug discovery. Prior to consulting and working at Exelixis, she was a postdoctoral scholar in cellular signaling and migration laboratories at the University of California Davis and UCSF. She earned an A.B. degree in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard College, and a Ph. D. degree in Immunology from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

“Attending RSI was the opportunity of a lifetime. I learned advanced biology, mathematics and computer science from some of the best teachers in the country, and was exposed to ideas and material I would never have encountered in high school”

Sillman Consultin LLC Sillman Consulting LLC

Sillman Consulting LLC is an independent biotechnology consulting service offering writing, editing, literature review, technical evaluation and assay design services. Areas of expertise include oncology, cell biology, immunology, biomarker assays for early-stage oncology trials, cell-based assays for drug discovery and cell-based immunology assays for inflammation programs.

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