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Below you will find Bite of Science Presentations in the areas of Earth Science, Environmental ScienceSpace/Astronomy
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I Found This Rock, How Did It Get Here? - Pete Sullivan, Vice President of Geosciences, Greylock Energy; March 28, 2019 - Charleston, WV
Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf) - Greylock Energy Website
Groundwater in Southeastern Virginia - Dr. Richard Whittecar, Associate Professor, Ocean Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Old Dominion University; September 26, 2018 - Norfolk, VA
Sensors and Science - Dr. Matt Becker, Professor, Conrey Endowed Chair of Hydrogeology, Department of Geological Sciences, California State University Long Beach; January 24, 2018 - Long Beach, CA
Video (mp4)  -  Slides(pdf) - Dr. Becker's Website
Paleoclimatology & Paleooceanography - Dr. Kristen St. John, Professor, James Madison University; September 11, 2017 - Harrisonburg, VA
Video (mp4)   -  Slides (pdf)  -  Video in Presentation (YouTube)  -  Video Questions  -  St. John JMU Website
Oceanography and Florida Sea Level Rise - Dr. George Maul, Professor of Oceanography, Ocean Engineering and Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology; March 28, 2017 - Melbourne, FL
Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pptx)  -  Sea Level Rise Factsheet (pdf) -  Tsunami Factsheet (pdf)
Aviation Meteorology - Erica Sandschulte, Senior International Operations Coordinator, Rockwell Collins; January 25, 2016 - Houston, TX
Video (mp4)   -  Slides (pdf) -  Rockwell Collins Website
Understanding Weather Impacts on Wildfires in the US. - Dr. Craig Clements, Assistant Professor, Department of Meteorology, San José State University; September 15 - San Jose, CA & September 17, 2014 - Stanford, CA
Geology, Engineering, and Petroleum Industry - Beatrice Parker, Geophysicist, Chevron Corp.; February 12, 2014 - Houston, TX 
Geology, Experiences in Science Discovery - Dr. Lyle F. Baie, South Texas Geological Society; March 21, 2013 – San Antonio, TX 
Geoscience Careers, Seismic Ground Testing - Lisa Buckner, Geophysical Society of Houston Outreach Chair, Seismic Data Loading Team Lead, Hess Corporation; March 19, 2013 – Houston, TX 
Video (wmv)  -  Slides -  Hess Corporation webpage  -  Information Packet:  Sound Activity (pdf)  Slinky Activity (pdf)  Seismic Wave Info (pdf) Petroleum Products Sheet (pdf)  Geosciences Brochure (pdf)  Earthquake Resources (pdf)  Continental Drift Activity (pdf)  AGI Geosciences Info (pdf)
Oil and Gas Drilling, Fracking - Keith Rappold, Petroleum Engineering Specialist, Aramco Services Company; March 19, 2013 – Houston, TX 
Geosciences Careers, Geology, Oil Exploration - G. Michael Gaskins, West Africa Operations Manager, ExxonMobil Exploration Company; March 18, 2013 – Houston, TX
Mining, Engineering - Stan Suboleski, Evans Energy; October 23, 2012 - Richmond, VA 
Video (wmv)  -  Slides (ppt)  -  Evan Energy Investments webpage
Forces of Weather, Scientific Process - Doug Sisterson, Argonne National Laboratory; October 9, 2012 - Oak Brook, IL

From Knee Deep in Water to Chin Deep in Hemp:  Addressing Real Life Problems with Environmental Analytical Chemistry - Dan Downey, Professor of Environmental, Nuclear, & Analytical Chemistry, James Madison University, January 28, 2020 - Harrionbury, VA
Exploring the STEM in Forestry - Allen Rabon, Forest Technician, Sandhills State Forest, SC Forestry Commission; April 23, 2018 - Florence, SC
From Lockhart Elementary to Coral Restoration in Belize - Maya Trotz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of South Florida; February 26, 2018 - Tampa, FL
Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf) - Maya Trotz Website
STEM in Teaching & the Indian River Lagoon Research Institute - Dr. Robert Weaver, Associate Professor of Ocean Engineering & Director of IRLRI, Florida Institute of Technology; February 27, 2018 - Melbourne, FL
Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf) - Weaver Research Website  -  IRLRI Website
Chesapeake Bay Watershed Restoration - Jessica Seipp, Water Resources Department Manager, Dewberry; November 13, 2017 - Baltimore, MD
Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)  -  Sum of Parts Activity (pdf) - Dewberry Website
The Wonderful World of Water - Stephen M. Turner, P.E., Project Manager, Gannett Fleming, Inc.; October 25, 2017 - Hampton, VA
Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf) - Gannett Fleming Website
Stream Restoration - Integration of Engineering and Science - Kathy Hoverman, P.E., Senior Stream Restoration Designer, KCI Technologies; October 24, 2017 - Richmond, VA
Video (Unavailable)  -  Slides (pdf) - KCI Technologies Website
Environmental Engineering and Clemson Engineering Outreach - Dr. Mark Schlautman, Professor, Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, Clemson University; March 15, 2016 - Clemson, SC
Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  Polya Problem Solving Handout
Environmental Engineering and Education - Steve Hilfiker, President, Environmental Risk Management, Inc; March 2, 2016 - Fort Myers, FL
Climate Change Awareness - Dr. Michael Savarese, Professor of Marine Science, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Marine & Ecological Sciences, Florida Gulf Coast University; March 11, 2015 - Fort Myers, FL
Video (Unavailable)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  Dr. Savarese's Webpage
Water: An Environmental Engineering Perspective - Dr. Heather Shipley, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UT San Antonio; February 26, 2015 - San Antonio, TX
Video (wmv)  -  Slides(pdf)  -  Water Activity Project (pdf)  -  Dr. Shipley's Website
Membrane Separations in Environmental Engineering - Dr. David Ladner, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, Clemson University; October 20, 2014 - Clemson, SC    
Video (wmv)  -  Slides (pps)  -  LadnerGroup Blog
The STEM in Environmental Engineering - Dr. Richard Lewis, Environmental Engineer, Conestoga-Rovers and Associates; March 4, 2014 - Fort Myers Beach, FL

A STEM-Powered Mentality; A Journey Across Disciplines - Dr. Max Spolaor, Chief Scientist, TMC Technologies; March 27, 2019 - Fairmont, WV
Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf) - TMC Website
The Texas Space Grant Consortium - A Resource for K-12 Educators - Bart Sheinberg, Director, Center for Science & Engineering, TSGC Institutional Representative, Houston Community College; March 7, 2019 - Houston, TX 
Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  Moon Base Handout (pdf) TSGC Website  -  HCC West Houston Institute
My Experiences in Space - Susan Pope, Director, Department of Space Instrumentation, Southwest Research Institute; March 6, 2019 - San Antonio, TX
Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf) - SWRI Space Science Website
The Geosciences and Space Exploration - Carroll Ellis, Jr., Earth & Environmental Science Educator, MathScience Innovation Center; October 17, 2016 - Richmond, VA
Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
Planetary Defense - Dr. Nahum Melamed, Project Leader, Launch Vehicle Software Group, The Aerospace Corporation; February 16, 2016 - Los Angeles, CA
Shoot for the Stars - Mr. Kelly Smith, Assistant Director, Space Systems Department, Space Science & Engineering Division; January 26, 2016 - San Antonio, TX
The Circumgalactic Medium (the stuff around galaxies) - Dr. Molly Peeples, AURA Assistant Astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute; September 9, 2015 - Baltimore, MD
Video (mp4)   -  Slides (ppsx)  -  Molly's STSI Website
How We Got to Saturn - Dave Doody, Cassini Realtime Flight Operations Lead, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab; January 27, 2015 - Alhambra, CA
Video (wmv)  -  Slides (Prezi format)  -  About Dave  -  Basics of Flight Tutorial
Solar Effects on HF and Satellite Communications and Power Systems - Dr. John D. Patterson, Senior Principal Engineer, HF DataLink, Information Management Services, Rockwell Collins; November 5, 2014 - College Park, MD
Searching for Planets Like Earth - Dr. Derek Buzasi, Professor, Physics & Astronomy, Florida Gulf Coast University; March 4, 2014 - Fort Myers Beach, FL
Cosmochemistry, Meteorites - Dr. Philipp Heck, Associate Curator and Head of Pritzker Center for Meteoritics and Polar Studies, The Field Museum; November 6, 2013 – Chicago, IL 
Space Exploration, Europa Moon - Dr. William Moore, Geophysics Professor, Hampton University; October 10, 2013 – Hampton, VA 
Astrobiology, Habitability of space - Dr. Michael Summers, Astrophysics Professor, Director - School of Physics, Astronomy, and Computational Sciences, George Mason University; October 8, 2013 –Fairfax, VA 
International Space Station Design and Experiments - Elizabeth Stewart Smith, P.E., 3D CAD Model & 2D Drawling Lead, ISS Program Office, NASA Johnson Space Center; March 18, 2013 – Houston, TX  
NASA Juno Project Science, STEM Careers - Theodore Clarke, NASA/JPL Juno Project Consultant, Physics Professor, Pasadena City College; February 27, 2013 – Los Angeles, CA
Video (wmv)   -  Slides (ppsm)  -  NASA JPL website  -  Juno Project information