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Below you will find websites related to the topics presented at Bite of Science in the areas of Chemistrand Physics
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Solar Army: West Virginia Bridgade - Dr. Erika Harvey, Professor of Chemistry, Fairmont State University; March 27, 2019 - Fairmont, WV
Water Quality Management at the Aquarium of the Pacific - Karen Tuttle Stearns, Water Quality Manager, Aquarium of the Pacific; February 20, 2019 - Long Beach, CA
Crystallography and Protein Structure - Dr. Poorva Dharkar, President, AWIS - Bethesda chapter, STEM Consultant; November 1, 2018 - Frederick, MD
Materials Research Science in 3D Printing - Marie Herring, Senior Research Scientist, Carbon; October 24, 2018 - San Jose, CA
Forensics and Improving Chemistry Education Through Online Labs - Dr. Katie Amaral, Associate Professor of Chemistry Education, Penn State Berks; October 2, 2018 - Reading, PA
Organic Chemistry in the High School Curriculum - Dr. George R. Negrete, Professor, Chemistry Department, University of Texas San Antonio; March 27, 2018 - San Antonio, TX
An Introduction to Process and Cleaning Validation in Biologics Industry - Michelle Lombardo, Scientist II, AstraZaneca; November 2, 2017 - Frederick, MD
Engineering BioPharmaceuticals - Dr. Mark Ketner, Senior Engineer & Principal Investigator, Engineered BioPharmaceuticals; September 13, 2017 - Danville, VA
A Career in Analytical Chemistry - Dr. Sara E. Andria, Sr. R&D Scientist, Analytical Services Group, WestRock; October 17, 2016 - Richmond, VA
Small Molecules, Materials & Devices - Dr. Roger Rasberry, Principal Scientist, Manufacturing Science and Technology Department, Roche Carolina, Inc.; September 15, 2016 - Florence, SC
Chemistry of Smell and Autoimmune Skin Disease Research - Dr. John T. Reilly,Chair, Department of Chemistry and Physics, Florida Gulf Coast University; March 2, 2016 - Fort Myers, FL
Becoming a Scientist and Corrosion Coating Technology - Marissa Johnsey, Chemist, Craig Technologies; March 1, 2016 - Melbourne, FL
Assembling  Molecules for Materials Science and Sensing - Dr. John Lavigne, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of South Carolina; October 23, 2014 - Sumter, SC
Nanotechnology, Engineering and Applications - Dr. Messaoud Bahoura, Associate Professor of Engineering, Center for Materials Research, Norfolk State University, October 2, 2014 - Norfolk, VA
DuPont Kevlar Technology - Laurel Rodini, Manufacturing Technology Engineering, Kevlar Polymer, DuPont USA, October 1, 2014 - Richmond, VA
Therapeutic Metabolomics, Mass Spectroscopy/Gas Chromatography - Dr. Mark Libardoni, Staff Scientist, Space Science and Engineering, Southwest Research Institute; February 13, 2014 - San Antonio, TX  
Aquaculture, Chemistry - Dave Anderson, Aquaculture Product Manager, OriginOil; January 28, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA
Spectrophotometry, Pigment chemistry - Dr. Patricia Lang, Analytical/Physical Chemist, Chemistry Department Chair, Ball State University; September 12, 2013 – Indianapolis, IN
Materials Science, Biomimicry - Dr. Steve Seghi, Materials Scientist; September 10, 2013 – Crane, IN
Chemical Engineering, Product Development - Dr. Maura Fiero, Chemical Engineer, MeadWestvaco; October 23, 2012 - Richmond, VA   
Ethanol production, Chemistry - Casey McMurtrie, Chemist, Andersons Clymers Ethanol; September 25, 2012 - Logansport, IL 
  -  Corn to Ethanol Process from National Corn to Ethanol Research Center (ppt)

High Energy Nuclear Physics at Muhlenberg College - Dr. Brett Fadem, Associate Professor and Chair of the Muhlenberg College Physics Department; September 28, 2017 - Allentown, PA
Gredig Research Lab: Gas Sensors, Solar Cells, Low-Dimensional Magnetism - Dr. Thomas Gredig, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, California State University Long Beach; February 22, 2017 - Long Beach, CA
Toward "Perfect" 1D Electrical Conduction - Dr. David Goldhaber-Gordon, Professor of Physics, Stanford University; September 17, 2015 - Palo Alto, CA
Radiology in Cancer Treatment - Dr. Naren Ramakrishna, Director, Proton Therapy; Co-Director, Neuro/Pediatric Radiation Oncology; Brain and Spine Tumor Program, UF Health Cancer Center - Orlando; March 5th - Orlando, FL
Fiber Optic Sensing Technology - Emily Horrell, Research Engineer, Luna Innovations, Inc.;  February 25, 2014 - Roanoke, VA
Catching Gravitational Waves, LIGO - Dr. Dennis Ugolini, Physics Professor, Trinity University; February 13, 2014 - San Antonio, TX     
Fusion and the Periodic Table - Richard L. Lee, Chief Operator, DIII-D Tokamak Operations, General Atomics; January 30, 2014 - San Diego, CA     
Electrical engineering, electricity - Emanuel E. Bernabeu, Electrical Engineer, Dominion Virginia Power; October 9, 2013 – Richmond, VA     
Hydrology, Vaccuum apparatus demo kit projects - James Rohr, Ph.D., Director of STEM Outreach, SPAWAR; February 28, 2013 – San Diego, CA
  -  Source for the vacuum apparatus seen in Dr. Rohr's video
Science of Light, Nature of Science - Lawrence Woolf, Ph.D., Reconnaissance Systems Group, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems; February 28, 2013 – San Diego, CA      
  -  Nature of Science - AAAS
Metrology, Science of Measurement - Paul R. Selzer, Principal Calibration Engineer, Baxter Bioscience; February 26, 2013- Los Angeles, CA 
Physics of Roller Coasters - Dr. David Wright, Physicist, Tidewater Community College Physics; November 13, 2012 - Norfolk, VA