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"Exploring Baltimore Area STEM Opportunities and Careers" - November 28, 2018; Baltimore, MD
  -  Alisha Sparks, Baltimore Programs Director, Center for Educational Outreach, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Beatrice Salazar, Chair - 2018 Maryland Section, American Chemical Society   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Lynn Mayo, P.E., CEO and Co-Founder, RePicture Engineering   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Audrey Van de Castle, Makerspace Shop Manager, Stanley Black & Decker   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exploring Hampton Roads STEM Opportunities and Careers" - May 2, 2018; Hampton, VA
  -  Ian Cawthray, Education Program Coordinator, Virginia Space Grant Consortium  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Kaila Perry, Cybersecurity Specialist and STEM Advocate, SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic  Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Lisa Surles-Law, Science Education Administrator, Jefferson Lab  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Joan Harper-Neely, STEM Education Specialist, National Institute of Aerospace  Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)
"Exploring Richmond Area STEM Opportunities and Careers" - May 1, 2018; Richmond, VA
  -  Ken ChapmanAmerican Chemical Society Virginia Section  Video (mp4)   -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Robyn HartzPresident, WTS Central Virginia Chapter  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Wayne W. Hausser, P.E., Senior Project Manager, Parsons  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Pravin MathurDepartment Director - GIS, Clark Nexsen  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  STEM GIS Handout (pdf)
"Exploring Midlands STEM Opportunities and Careers" - April 24, 2018; Columbia, SC
  -  Kaye K. Shaw, Ph.D., Regional Workforce Advisor, SC Department of Commerce   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Matt Schnabel, Education Coordinator, SC Forestry Commission  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  SC Project Lead the Way Handout (pdf) - Forestry Careers Handout (pdf) -  SC Education Programs Website
  -  Alexa Dean, Education Outreach Coordinator, USC Students Engaged in Aquatic Science  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  SEAS Outreach Handout (pdf)
  -  Gilda Bocock, Fuel Marketing Manager, Global Commercial & Marketing, Westinghouse Electric Company  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exploring Houston-area STEM Opportunities and Careers" - March 26, 2018; Houston, TX
  -  Rani Henderson, Environmental Education Programs Manager, Galveston Bay Foundation     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Susan Thompson, Program Director, STEM Initiatives, Houston Community College   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Ryan Baumert, President, UT Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Outreach Program   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Jeff Harrison, Technical  Director & Fellow – Oil & Gas, OMNOVA Solutions Inc.   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exploring Roanoke Valley STEM Opportunities and Careers" - March 20, 2018; Roanoke, VA
  -  Tara Poelzing, Outreach Educator, Western Virginia Water Authority   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Marc Laplante, Senior Program Manager, Digital Applications Enablement, GE Digital   Video (mp4)
  -  Chris McDowell, Head of Operations and Site Lead, Novozymes Biologicals Inc.   Video4 (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exploring Shenandoah Valley STEM Opportunities and Careers" - March 19, 2018; Harrisonburg, VA
  -  Joi Merritt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Early, Elementary & Reading Education, James Madison University STEM Center   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Martha Bomar, Ph.D., Associate Director of Quality Assurance, Merck, Inc.  Video (mp4)
  -  Mike Goertzen, Sr. Program Manager, IP Services, Serco Inc.  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Randy Churchill, Plant Manager, IntraPac International  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exploring San Francisco Bay Area STEM Opportunities and Careers" - October 11, 2017; San Jose, CA
  -  Eugene Cordero, Ph.D., Founder & Director, Green Ninja, Professor, Department of Meteorology and Climate Science, San Jose State University  Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)
  -  James Skelley, Technology Attorney, JS TECHLAW    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Reema Prasad, Systems Engineering Manager, Cisco     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exploring Northern Virginia STEM Opportunities and Careers" - May 11, 2017; Sterling, VA
  -  Charles Britt, STEM Education Coordinator, SySTEMic Solutions, Northern Virginia Community College  Video  (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Aliyah Pandolfi, Executive Director, Kashmir World Foundation    Video (mp4)   -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Sean Tully, Cygnus Systems Engineering Manager, Orbital ATK    Video (mp4)   -  Slides (pdf)
"Exploring Hampton Roads-area STEM Opportunities and Careers" - May 9, 2017; Norfolk, VA
  -  Rhonda Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Norfolk State University     Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Kathleen Sullivan, District Manager, Virginia Dare Soil and Water Conservation District     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Shannon Turner, P.E., Structural Engineer, Moffatt & Nichol     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Jerry Sekerak, Public Affairs Officer, SPAWAR Atlantic    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exploring Richmond STEM Opportunities and Careers" - May 8, 2017; Richmond, VA
  -  Chuck English, Director of Playful Learning and Inquiry, Science Museum of Virginia     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Nat Draper, Education Manager, James River Association    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  Video from presentation
  -  Allison Fletcher, Materials Engineer, Dupont Protection Technologies    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Duncan Stewart, P.E., Branch Manager, MBP    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exciting Students to Roanoke Valley STEM Opportunities and Careers" - April 26, 2017; Roanoke, VA
  -  Shernita Lee, Ph.D., Education and Outreach Specialist, Biocomplexity Institute at Virginia Tech   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  Kids Tech U Handout (pdf)
  -  Clark BeCraft, Horticulture Program Head, Virginia Western Community College   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Phil Hysell, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, NOAA National Weather Service, Roanoke     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  Citizen Science Handout (pdf)  -  NOAA Education Resource Guide (pdf)
  -  Josh Lawrence, P.E., Branch Operations Manager, MBP Construction Engineers     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exciting Students to Shenandoah Valley STEM Opportunities and Careers" - April 25, 2017; Weyers Cave, VA
  -  Velma Bryant, Dual Enrollment Services, Blue Ridge Community College    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Alex Wehrung, Outreach Coordinator, Wildlife Center of Virginia    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Tamara Funk, Owner and Linux System Engineer, LightCastle Technical Consulting    Video (mp4) 
"Exciting Students to San Diego-area STEM Opportunities and Careers" - February 21, 2017; San Diego, CA
  -  Katie Carlstrom, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Jim Marden, Principal Welding Engineer, BAE San Diego Ship Repair    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Katherine Kucharski, Aeronautical Systems Engineer, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Lawrence Woolf, Ph.D., Technical Fellow, Manager, Materials Science, Mission Systems, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  Phys21 Supplement: Summary of Background Reports on Careers and Professional Skills for Physics Students (pdf)  -  Nanosense Real-life Example Activities for Teachers  -  Practical Uses of Math and Science (NASA)
  -  Charles Taylor, Professor & Chair, College of Business and Management and Engineering & Information Science, DeVry University    Video (mp4)
"Exciting Students to San Antonio-area STEM Opportunities and Careers" - January 25, 2017; San Antonio, TX
  -  Gene Bowman, Executive Director, Alamo Academies   Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Jacob G. Lopez, M.Ed., Executive Director, SASTEMIC    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Rosemary Riggs, MA, Educational Development Specialist, Teacher Enrichment Initiatives, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio  Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exciting Students to Richmond-area STEM Opportunities and Careers" - November 30th, 2016; Richmond, VA
  -  Chuck English, Director of Playful Learning and Inquiry, Science Museum of Virginia    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Irene Fong Meglathery, Quality Assurance Lead, Global Kevlar Contract Manufacturing, DuPont Protection Technologies   Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Anne Wright, Director, VCU Rice Rivers Center Outreach Education & Assistant Professor of Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exciting Students to Upstate STEM Careers and Opportunities" - September 13, 2016; Greenville, SC
  -  Sarah Arbogast, STEM Outreach Coordinator, Director of iMAGINE Upstate, Director of The Upstate SC STEM Collaborative   Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Jessica Hayes, Director of Programming, Children's Museum of the Upstate   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Sayle Lewis, Structural Engineer, Fluor Corporation    Video (mp4)
  -  John Lummus, President & CEO, Upstate SC Alliance Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exciting Students to Hampton Roads-Area STEM Careers and Opportunities" - May 17, 2016; Chesapeake, VA
  -  Alan Walker, Norfolk Ship Repair, BAE Systems     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Thomas Stout, Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Tidewater Community College    Video (mp4)  -  TCC Website
  -  Anne Weiss, STEM Education Program Specialist, Virginia Space Grant Consortium   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exciting Students to Roanoke Valley STEM Careers and Opportunities" - May 10, 2016; Roanoke, VA
  -  Yvonne Campbell, STEM Program Advisor, Virginia Western Community College    Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Aaron Goldstein, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  VT Outreach Programs
  -  Whitney Butts, Senior Research Engineer, Secure Computing and Communications Division, MacAulay-Brown, Inc.     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Erik Fox, Vice President & General Manager, Night Vision and Communications Solutions, Harris Corporation   Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exciting Students to Shenandoah Valley STEM Careers and Opportunities" - April 12, 2016; Harrisonburg, VA
  -  Remy Pangle, Associate Director and Curriculum Coordinator, Center for Wind Energy at James Madison University    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  John Eckman, Executive Director, Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Megen Dalton, Outreach Coordinator, Shenandoah Valley Soil & Water Conservation District    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Thomas Potgieter, Executive Director of Technical Operations, Merck & Co   Video (mp4) -  Slides (pdf)
"Exciting Students to Los Angeles-Area STEM Careers and Opportunities" - February 17, 2016; Long Beach, CA
  -  Monica Maynard, STEM Coordinator, Aerospace Corporation    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (website)
  -  Katie Allen, Education Director, Algalita Marine Research and Education     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Loyda Ramos, Education Outreach Manager, TreePeople    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)  -  Battle of Schools Handout  -  Recycling Workshop Flyer
  -  Tamera Scholz, Engineer, Edwards Life Sciences    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exciting Students to Washington DC-Area STEM Careers and Opportunities" - October 27, 2015; Washington, D.C.
  -  Jacqueline V. Eyl, Youth Education Director, International Spy Museum    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  The Honorable Regina B. Schofield, MBA, Director of Corporate Engagement & Education Outreach, Education & Philanthropy, Battelle     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Rebecca Wood, Forensic Investigator, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, District of Columbia     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Exciting Students to Richmond-Area STEM Careers and Opportunities" - October 20, 2015; Richmond, VA
  -  Oliver Hill, Ph.D., Professor, Experimental Psychology, Virginia State University    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Cathleen McCarthy-Burke, STEM-H Coordinator, John Tyler Community College    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Denise Toney, PhD.,  Director, Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services     Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Sherri Halloran, VP, Membership and Programs, Virginia Biotechnology Foundation    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Pathways to Orlando-Area STEM Careers and Opportunities" - September 2015; Orlando, FL
  -  Lindsay Mullen, P.E., Facility Asset Management, Project Manager Associate, Walt Disney Company   Video (mp4)
  -  William Self, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Central Florida    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Bette McKee, Radiation Therapist, UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
  -  Justin Kramer, Renewable Energy Project Manager, Orlando Utilities Commission    Video (mp4)  -  Slides (pdf)
"Pathways to Hampton-Area STEM Careers" - June 2015; Hampton, VA
  -  Abigail Epes, Program Manager, Lockheed Martin     Video (wmv)
  -  Chris Carter, Deputy Director, Virginia Space Grant Consortium    Video (wmv)
  -  Lauren Hamburg, Augmented Reality Engineer & Gordon Sproat, Career Pathways Representative, Newport News Shipbuilding     Video (wmv)
"Pathways to Richmond STEM Careers" - April 2015; Richmond, VA
  -  Meredith Allin, Senior Lead Engineer, Food and Beverage, MeadWestvaco
  -  Rosalyn Hobson Hargraves, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, VCU
  -  Hollee Freeman, Ph.D., Director, MathScience Innovation Center
Video (wmv)
"Pathways to STEM Careers" - October 2014; Columbia, SC
  -  Kaye Shaw, Ph.D., Coordinator, Midlands Regional Education Center, Midlands Technical College
  -  MVS Chandrashekhar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Carolina
  -  Lewis F. Gossett, President & CEO, South Carolina Manufacturers’ Alliance
  -  Jane Ellis, Ph.D., President-Elect, National Association of Biology Teachers