TEP Info

The Center has launched the Teacher Enrichment Program (TEP) to assure a future talented and diverse U.S. workforce in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
TEP is available at no cost to any teacher interested in broadening his or her perspective of science in the classroom.  TEP is currently available to teachers in California, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

For more information about the Teacher Enrichment Program and its components, please visit: http://www.cee.org/teacher-enrichment-program
TEP is comprised of four components:
  • Bite of Science brings together middle and high school teachers with scientists and/or engineers from industry, academia, and/or government. Teachers learn about cutting-edge research and innovation, find out how to connect the research to the classroom, and discover ways to inspire and guide their students toward academic opportunities and STEM careers. 
  • ​​​STEM Teacher Roundtables connect representatives from industry, academia, government, and STEM organizations with teachers to create awareness of STEM career fields and opportunities for teachers and their students to explore STEM subjects and career paths.
  • Lab Bench includes Bite of Science and Teacher Roundtable presentation material and videos, resources and low-cost activities related to Bite of Science topics, industry and teacher-contributed resources, and other helpful materials for the middle and high school STEM classroom.
  • Public/Private Partnerships An effort to increase engagement of the STEM community with local schools and TEP teachers to provide opportunities such as classroom speakers, mentorships, job shadowing, field trips, and additional resources for teachers and their students.