TEP Lab Bench

What is the Lab Bench?
The Lab Bench is an interactive website to provide supporting resources related to Bite of Science session topics and STEM Teacher Roundtables, as well as other resources useful to middle and high school STEM teachers and students.  
Bite of Science sessions and Roundtables are currently conducted in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. For up-to-date information on scheduled Bite of Science and Roundtables events and to sign up to participate in these exciting opportunities, please visit:  http://www.cee.org/bite-science or http://www.cee.org/teacher-roundtables.
What can I find in the Lab Bench?
The Lab Bench is a continually updated resource. Resources are added after Bite of Science and Teacher Roundtable sessions have concluded and throughout the year.  We invite you to visit the Lab Bench throughout the year to find new and updated resources. Resources have been organized by subject area to make searching easier for you.
Bite of Science Presentations
Session presenter videos, slides, handouts, and speaker information
STEM Roundtable Presentations
Panelist presentations, videos, handouts, and other information
Related Resources
Links to websites to explore Bite of Science topics further
Selected Materials
Links to news articles and reports related to Bite of Science topics
Laboratory Activities
Links to lab activities relevant to Bite of Science topics
Student Resources
Student programs and activities in the various states; RSI research paper abstracts