2014 Rickoids Make CEE Proud

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2014 Rickoids Make CEE Proud

From left to right: Noah Golowich and Andrew Jin, RSI 2014 Alumni and First Place Medal Winners at Intel
(Photo: Society For Science/Intel)

The Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) proudly announces that RSI alumni distinguished themselves again this year in the Intel Science Talent Search (STS). Of the three 1st Place Awards, CEE’s Rickoids took two of the Honors. Of the three Third Place Awards, the CEE’s Rickoids garnered two of the distinctions.

Noah Golowich, 17, of Lexington, Massachusetts, won the First Place Medal of Distinction for Basic Research, which recognizes finalists who demonstrate exceptional scientific potential through depth of research and analysis. Noah developed a proof in the area of Ramsey theory, a field of mathematics based on finding types of structure in large and complicated systems. He is the captain of his high school math team, a member of his high school tennis team and plays jazz piano in his spare time. Noah was mentored by David Rolnick, RSI alum ’07, at MIT during RSI.

Andrew Jin, 17, of San Jose, California, won the First Place Medal of Distinction for Global Good, which rewards finalists who demonstrate great scientific potential through their passion to make a difference. Andrew developed a machine learning algorithm to identify adaptive mutations across the human genome. Andrew was mentored by Joseph Vitti in the Sabeti Lab at the Broad Institute during RSI.

Shashwat Kishore, 18, of West Chester, Pennsylvania, won the Third Place Medal of Distinction for Basic Research, Shashwat’s math project focused on representing abstract algebras using matrices. He developed a new relationship between these matrices and topology. Shashwat was mentored by Gus Lonergan of the MIT Math Department at MIT during RSI.

Anvita Gupta, 17 of Scottsdale Arizona, won the Third Place Medal of Distinction for Global Good. Anvita used machine learning to “teach” a computer to identify potential drugs for cancer, tuberculosis and Ebola. Anvita was mentored by Dr. Gil Alterovitz at MIT during RSI.


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