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2017 – 2018 Alumni Campaign


Alumni News

02.06.18  Misbranding Of The Flu (PDF)
01.30.18 Donor Profile featuring Kelley Harris (USABO ’03, RSI ’04) (PDF)
01.30.18 The Super Blue Blood Moon Occurs early January 31 (PDF)
01.25.18 Donor Profile featuring CEE’s Founding Donor, Admiral H.G. Rickover (PDF)
01.23.18 Basic Principles of Doing Your Job.
01.18.18 Donor Profile featuring Michael Mitzenmacher (RSI’86) (PDF)
01.16.18 Don’t let RSI and USABO become extinct…. (PDF)
01.11.18 Donor profile featuring the Dienes family (RSI ’88 and RSI ’16) (PDF)
01.09.18 Start 2018 off with a review of your science knowledge! (PDF)
01.02.18 Happy New Year from the Center for Excellence in Education! (PDF)
12.28.17 CEE’s Daily Mission (PDF)
12.20.17 Anonymous Donor Profile (PDF)
12.19.17 Happiness and Peace this Holiday Season (PDF)
12.14.17 Donor Profile featuring Andrew Hennes USABO’17 (PDF)
12.12.17 Maria Telkes, born today in 1900, was a Hungarian-American Physical Chemist
12.07.17 Donor Profile featuring Dan (RSI ’98) and Josie (Weeks) Haspel (RSI ’01) 
12.05.17 The Foundation of the Internet (PDF)
12.01.17 CEE Director Profile: William T. Stuart, Ph.D. (PDF)
11.28.17 November 28 is Giving Tuesday (PDF)
11.22.17 Giving Tuesday is less than one week away!
11.17.17 Health in High Ability Students: Panel Discussion and Q & A Video
11.16.17 A Letter from Dr. Vishal Nigam, RSI '89, and Ms. Carrie Rhodes-Nigam
11.09.17 Department of Defense/CEE Internship Applications due
11.03.17 You Make Friends for Life
11.02.17 Donor Profile featuring RSI ’84 and CEE Trustee Mark Kantrowitz
10.31.17 Make plans now to create new memories with your CEE family… (PDF)
10.26.17 UC San Diego to host USABO (PDF)
10.24.17 Check your calendar and spread the word, two incredible CEE alumni events are just around the corner…
10.19.17 Davidson and Fulbright News (PDF)
10.17.17 Alumni & Program Event Highlights (PDF)
10.12.17 Opportunities to Reconnect for CEE Alumni (PDF)
10.10.17 CEE History (PDF)
9.28.17 It’s a Throwback Thursday for CEE Alumni!
9.19.17 Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)









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