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BioSTEM Clubs strive to empower underserved students to achieve educational and career success in STEM fields. Clubs explore STEM careers and develop the skills necessary to pursue STEM careers through cost-effective activities that meet the specific needs and interests of individual clubs.
BioSTEM Club programming is only available to schools in Virginia.
What makes BioSTEM Clubs unique?
BioSTEM Clubs are not just biology clubs; they are interdisciplinary units across STEM and biology, including biotechnology, environmental science, engineering, and health disciplines.
BioSTEM Clubs will explore STEM careers, educational paths, cutting-edge research, and STEM skills through a variety of high-quality activities that are easy to implement. BioSTEM Club students and teachers have direct access to researchers at prestigious Virginia institutions that are committed to engaging students in exciting STEM experiences. Additionally, CEE will work to cultivate partnerships with the local STEM industries and community organizations to further enrich club activities.
BioSTEM Clubs also provide students and teachers with an activities calendar and resource listings that highlight free and low cost STEM enrichment programs, events, competitions, regional research symposiums, paid research opportunities and scholarships—many specifically targeting underrepresented minorities—and local STEM events. See below for a calendar of events.
Information & Resources
Information & Resources

Have questions about BioSTEM Clubs? Want to find out how to get involved? Please contact:
Kimberly Edwards
Education Programs Outreach Manager
(703) 448-9062 x230


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Event Calendar

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