Celebrating Admiral Rickover’s Birthday

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Mon | January 27, 2020 | 2:38 PM

Today is the birthday of the late Admiral H.G. Rickover (d. 1986). President and Honorary CEE Trustee Jimmy Carter called the Admiral a “superb engineer. His record for careful design, installation and operation of nuclear power plants in ships and on shore has set an example of safety which can never be surpassed.” Beyond his genius in building the Navy’s Nautilus submarine—which revolutionized both sea power and the peacetime use of nuclear energy—Rickover’s enduring legacy recalls his intense interest in STEM education. Rickover founded the Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) with Joann DiGennaro, CEE’s President. Help support tomorrow’s STEM leaders with a gift to CEE in honor of Admiral Rickover. www.CEE.org/donate


Rickover Admin Portrait


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