CEE and Tsinghua University in China Inaugurate the RSI 2015

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CEE and Tsinghua University in China Inaugurate the Research Science Initiative 2015

McLean, VA – March 10, 2015 – The Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) in partnership with Tsinghua University (Tsinghua) will inaugurate the Research Science Initiative 2015 in China.  National and international university rankings place Tsinghua amongst the top global universities.  This is the first research program collaboration of Tsinghua with a U.S. organization to focus on high ability high school students.

 “We are pleased to build on the educational collaboration in 1984 between CEE and China with a Chinese scholar who attended the U.S. RSI,” stated Joann DiGennaro, CEE’s President.  “This was the first U.S. program approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China for their high school students to attend.”

Thirty-five high school students competitively selected will gather for six enriching weeks at the RSI at Tsinghua University.  The Initiative combines one week of on-campus course work in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with four and half weeks of cutting-edge individualized STEM research projects. 

Students competitively selected attend college-level classes taught by distinguished professors from Tsinghua University and visiting U.S. professors from leading institutions who are alumni of the Research Science Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

About the Center for Excellence in Education
The Center for Excellence in Education was founded in 1983 by the late Admiral H.G. Rickover and Joann P. DiGennaro, President of the Center. The Center's mission is to nurture high school and university scholars to careers of excellence and leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and to encourage collaboration between and among leaders in the global community. CEE sponsors the Research Science Institute (RSI), the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO), and the Teacher Enrichment Program (TEP). 

CEE has partnered with more than 53 countries with collaborative agreements negotiated by Joann DiGennaro, CEE’s President. The Center was the first U.S. organization to receive high school students from: People’s Republic of China, India, and the Balkan and Baltic nations.  RSI programs are in Bulgaria, China, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.  For more information about the Center and its programs, visit CEE’s Web site, www.cee.org

About Tsinghua University
Since China opened up to the world in 1978, Tsinghua University has developed at a breathtaking pace into a comprehensive research university. At present, the university has 14 schools and 56 departments with faculties in science, engineering, humanities, law, medicine, history, philosophy, economics, management, education and art. The University has now over 25,900 students, including 13,100 undergraduates and 12,800 graduate students. As one of China’s most renowned universities, Tsinghua has become an important institution for fostering talent and scientific research.

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