CEE Announces Team USA to Compete in Vietnam

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CEE Announces Team USA 2016

Four Top U.S. Biology Students to Compete at the International Biology Olympiad in Hanoi, Vietnam

McLean, Va. – June 10, 2016 – Four top scoring high school students will represent the United States as Team USA 2016 at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) in Hanoi, Vietnam, from July 17-24. Members of Team USA earned gold medals at the Center for Excellence in Education’s (CEE) USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) National Finals hosted by Marymount University on its main campus in Arlington, Virginia. Nearly 10,500 students registered in the nationwide high school competition.

Team USA 2016 Gold Medalists are:

  • Varkey Alumootil, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, California
  • Boyang Peter Dun, Canterbury School, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Bowen Jing, West Lafayette High School, West Lafayette, Indiana
  • Thomas Xiong, Seven Lakes High School, Katy, Texas

The mission of the USABO is to encourage excellence in biology education throughout the United States and to challenge students and their teachers to reach the gold standard in biology. Alumni of the USABO have earned MacMillan Grants, Goldwater Scholarships, Hollings Scholarships (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), American Heart Association Undergraduate Fellowships, National Science Foundation Fellowships, The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, the Linen Prize in Chinese, and the Clara Levillain Prize. They have also received accolades as Marshall Scholars and Churchill Scholars.

The top 20 student finalists from the states of California, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia were selected based on their scores on the USA Biology Olympiad open and semifinal exams.

During the ten days at Marymount University, the finalists participated in intensive theoretical and practical tutorials. The high school students studied with leading U.S. biologists who are experts in the fields of cellular & molecular biology, plant anatomy & physiology, animal anatomy & physiology, genetics & evolution, ecology, ethology, and biosystematics.

USABO 2016 silver medalists are:

  • Haydn Bradstreet, The Davidson Academy, Reno, Nevada
  • Rahul Nagvekar, Dulles High School, Sugarland, Texas
  • Catherine Wang, Lexington High School, Lexington, Massachusetts
  • David Wu, Troy High School, Troy Michigan

USABO 2016 bronze medalists are:

  • Mihir Khambete, Cupertino High School, Cupertino, California
  • Roger Jin, West Windsor Plainsboro School North, Plainsboro, New Jersey
  • Rick Li, Naperville Central High School, Naperville, Illinois
  • Xuchen Wei, Carmel High School, Carmel, Indiana

All Team USA Members have medaled since the United States first began competing at the IBO in 2003, garnering a total of 42 gold, 8 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Team USA had earned no less than two gold medals each year at the International Biology Olympiad competition since 2004. Team USA has achieved the coveted “Number 1 Position in the World” in 2011, 2013, and 2015.

Coach Kathy Frame of CEE will accompany Team USA to the IBO, which is a worldwide competition involving students from 71 countries.

About the Center for Excellence in Education
The Center for Excellence in Education was founded in 1983 by the late Admiral H.G. Rickover and Joann P. DiGennaro, President of the Center. The Center's mission is to nurture high school and university scholars to careers of excellence and leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and to encourage collaboration between and among leaders in the global community. CEE sponsors the Research Science Institute (RSI), the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO), and the Teacher Enrichment Program (TEP). For more information about the Center and its programs, visit CEE’s Web site, www.cee.org

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PHOTO CAPTION: Four members of Team USA have been selected from the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO), which is sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education and hosted by Marymount University. They will compete at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) July 17-24 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Pictured from left: Bowen Jing of Indiana, Varkey Alumootil of California, Boyang Peter Dun of Indiana, and Thomas Xiong of Texas. (CEE Photo/Kathy Frame)


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