RSI in Saudi Arabia

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CEE has been collaborating with Saudi Arabia for more than a decade to identify their most promising young math and science scholars and invite them to attend the Center's annual Research Science Institute (RSI) at MIT.

In 2011, CEE helped the Kingdom launch the Research Science Initiative at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. That was the first Saudi high school STEM program to have young female scholars study alongside their male counterparts.

The program was a collaboration between CEE, Saudi Aramco and the King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (MAWHIBA).

In 2015, the first Saudi Aramco Research Science Initiative (SARSI) was held at the University of Damman, bringing together the Kingdom's highest-achieving female middle and high school students for a summer of research, coursework, and mentoring.  It was the first elite academic program of its kind geared entirely for exceptionally talented middle school and high school female students in math and science.

For more information about CEE’s work in Saudi Arabia, contact , CEE's Manager of International Strategy and Alumni Engagement. Amy Sillman, Ph.D., RSI’ 84, Sillman Cosulting LLC, will be the Director of SA-RSI Saudi Arabia 2016.




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